“Added Value” Project

“Anyone who starts at his or her own doorstep -with what he or she can do and how he or she can help –

as little as it might be – to change something, directly contributes to changes on a large scale.”

Flower of Life

Be part of this international community. We connect thousands of people around the world in a building with the spirit of peace, harmony, and cooperation, to create a spectacular 4,000 square meter eco-sculpture called the "Flower of Life", a powerful and ancient symbol found in cultures all over the world. By purchasing a glass hexagon inserted into the roof, people from all over the world can become part of this spiritual energy field. It is located in the center of the 18-hectare Garden of Life, a stunning tropical park with hotel villas, a healing pyramid, organic farming, self-generation of electricity, and a natural water and wastewater concept. The "Garden of Life" is located in the sacred heart of Bali next to a UNESCO World Heritage site. With your support, we will create the largest human-financed energy field on earth.

Tree of Life

Plant your personal tree of life as well. Whoever plants a coconut tree, plants food and drinks, ships and clothing, a home for themselves, and a legacy for their children. For today's traveler, the exotic coconut palm represents warm seas and sunny beaches. For people living in the tropics, the coconut palm is the "Tree of Life", with the Sanskrit word for coconut roughly translated as "the food that sustains all life".

Projects at our Hearts

In addition to our current project, the Garden of Life on Bali, we also support many international charity projects.

Private Projects

GLOBAL FAMILY charity partner of MH-Charity

It is a great pleasure for me to offer active support as an advisor of „Global Family". Thus, it was possible to donate at the joint Charity Raffle on the occasion of my 60th birthday. 
A special thanks goes to the many friends and partners for their generous support with Raffle prizes. The generous donation of party guests helped us raise € 2.500, which was conferred to the founder of Global Family, Karl Auer-Polaska.



For families that do not lead a normal life. To victims of poverty, sickness, violence and wars, carefree holidays and loving hospitality are more than a vacation. It is the fulfilment of an unattainable dream. It is as if you were dancing on a rainbow!

The tourism human rights and aid organisation Global Family Charity Resort was founded on 7 July 2007 with the purpose of making it possible for families that are in need through no fault of their own to have recreational holidays free of charge. Ever since, 300 hotel partners have made it possible for 800 families to take a holiday from desolation.

Global Family helps in a fast and uncomplicated manner and can thus bring back a little normalcy to families that are in exceptional circumstances.


Donation 2019: € 2,500 

"Heart of a Tiger...when parents have cancer”

Mario Hintermayer with Riccarda Kräuter- Schächtele

“Heart of a Tiger“ (Germ. Tigerherz) is a free psychosocial cancer counselling service at the Tumor Centre in Freiburg – CCCF. It provides support to children and young people whose parent(s) have cancer.

MH-Charity and Qi-Quant provide additional support with a regeneration zone and nice prizes at the Bubble Soccer tournament.

Donation 2017: € 1,000

MOKI Kärnten/Austria

Presenting the cheque to Sabine Grünberger for MOKI Kärnten and the Sonnenmond Project

Mario Hintermayer has been familiar with the Sonnenmond Project for quite a while now. He gladly gives his support to this valuable work.
The children's hospice SONNENMOND ... is a bright spot in difficult times! A stay in a homely and loving environment helps families take a break from everyday life and find the strength to prepare for a child’s impending death. They find time, space and people who accompany the family on this difficult path.

Donation 2017: € 1,000


We, the children and team of the ASO-Hopfgarten, would like to thank you for your generous donation to our school.
Lara's Schalgerfestival became a Ducatus Charity Event. In connection with a tombola, we presented over € 2,000 to the special school in Hopfgarten.

Donation 2017: € 2,000

Wolfgang Niegelhell

Mario Hintermayer with Wolfgang Niegelhell.

Mario Hintermayer has realized numerous projects for and with the blind artist in recent years and supported his guide dog foundation.

Donation 2016: € 1,000

Jürgen Höller Foundation

Mario Hintermayer supported the Jürgen Höller Foundation as part of the Sales Boot Camp in Switzerland. In the course of the seminar, Mike Dierssen was given "SUSI the piggy-bank" for his birthday. Mike Dierssen and Mario Hintermayer jointly contributed the rest of the sum required to build a classroom in a school constructed by the Jürgen Höller Foundation in Kibera in Africa.

Donation 2016: € 2,232.31

Projects supported by the DUCATUS Charity

Ducatus Charity helps the Treberhilfe Dresden Association

The Treberhilfe Dresden Association accompanies "young people in special situations". One of the main activities is street work, where cliques are visited or services for homeless people established. Treberhilfe Dresden teams travel in a big Jumbo bus to visit people and distribute soup or used clothing. A street school has been set up with the aim of developing real prospects for the future. Three social workers and 20 honorary teachers and lecturers hold the courses.Taster courses are offered for people who are still in the scene and on the street, as well as two secondary and junior high school courses. The non-student exam is then taken at a state school.

Donation 2018: € 5,500

Ducatus Charity helps the Children’s Hospice Dresden

The ambulatory hospice service for children and young people accompanies and supports children and young people with life-shortening diseases and their families. The support can begin by diagnosing such a disease and it goes beyond death. Trained volunteer employees assist the families in their home environment. They are listeners, conversation partners, have time for play or for activities.


Donation 2018: € 6,500

Plant for the Planet

Since the founding of Plant for the Planet, Mario Hintermayer has supported the tree planting initiatives and the Plant for the Planet Academy. The initiative was presented by Ambassador Luis at the DUCATUS Global Symposium in Bad Wörishofen in October 2017.

The director of DUCATUS Charity, Mario Hintermayer, was personally present at the Plant Ahead Event in Monaco.

Donation 2017: € 2,500

Ducatus Charity Helps the Homeless

...for over 20 years: Christmas dinner for the needy, homeless and lonely.
Homeless Christmas party in the Wodanhalle in Freiburg.
Thank you for allowing us to participate and join the action with DUCATUS clothing. Especially during these days we are reminded that in our country, too, there are many people in need of our help.

Donation 2017: € 4,500

Ducatus Charity helps Muntigunung on Bali

Muntigunung, in the north of Bali, is one of the economically most disadvantaged villages on the island. It covers an area of 28 square kilometers. Around 6,000 people live in poverty here. There are no rivers and no wells. Every year, the region suffers from droughts that last eight months. People live mostly off of begging. That's where the program starts. The Muntigunung Poverty Eradication Program is a partnership between "Future for Children Switzerland" and regional partners. DUCATUS Charity supports the project by purchasing locally manufactured products, as well as by providing a sustainable water supply through rainwater utilization, reducing the prevalent high infant mortality rate by 50% through hygiene education, and ensuring adequate education for all children.

Donation 2017: Product sale and gifts for business partners

Ducatus Charity helps “Soleman” on Bali

“Yayasan Solemen Indonesia” is a regional foundation with a long history, outstanding effort and fantastic success record. “Soleman” is a committed, caring and well-trained team of people, who devote their lives selflessly each day to helping many people with physical disabilities on Bali. As part of the DUCATUS Asian Summit, generous donations were made by the Ducatus Charity, business partners from Italy and Vietnam. In addition, the first auction with DUCATUS Coins was performed. All these activities yielded spectacular results.

Donation 2017: € 27,000

Ducatus Charity helps Centro Diurno “Casanostra”

The Center for Mentally Impaired People in Campobasso desperately needs our support. The annual costs exceed their budgets. Without other peoples’ help, they would have to close their center. But this facility is an important basis for many people to master their everyday lives. They all obviously enjoyed the Ducatus Charity Roadster. A generous donation was presented at the European Summit in Rome.

Donation 2017: € 

Ducatus Charity helps Jana and Leonie

Charity event at the Hotel "Quellenhof" in St. Martin, Val Passiria. Together with business partners from South Tyrol, DUCATUS CHARITY donates 6,765 Euro for "Ducatus Helps Jana and Leonie" with mayor Dr. Rosmarie Pamer and many dear guests. Our special thanks goes to the Dorfer family, who invited us for coffee and cake. Their sad case made the headlines. The father of the two girls did not come back from a mountain hike 3 years ago, and then their mother died of cancer. We cannot ease the emotional pain, but we are happy to help reduce the financial burden.

Donation 2017: € 6,765