Mario Hintermayer

Businessman and visionary with social responsibility.

Flower of Life

The world's biggest 4,000m² “FLOWER OF LIFE”, is being constructed in the mountains of Bali.

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Become a Charity AmbassadAs a Ducatus Charity Ambassador you support projects worldwide.


MH-Charity was set up to encourage people to engage on social levels. Mario Hintermayer has been setting an example for many years. He and his companies have supported more than 200 social projects in many countries around the world over the past 20 years. All projects and donations were financed with their own resources or with the support of friends.

As Mario Hintermayer put it: “That was only the beginning.”

MH-Charity is partner of the DC Lion's Heart Foundation

With its new donation platform, DC Lion's Heart Foundation also supports numerous assistance projects in the areas of environment, family, animals, disabled sports and the homeless.


MH-Charity is thereby a constant partner and Mario Hintermayer very active as Ambassador.


Project "SOLEMAN"

September 2019

Mario Hintermayer and Ronny Tome handed over SOLEMAN, a social organisation on Bali, vita-life magnetic field systems by Sanafutura. After the training, the first applications will immediately follow. Another valuable initiative by DUCATUS CHARITY and MH-CHARITY.

Read more about this and further projects by MH-CHARITY.

Flower of Life

You can support the Garden of Life Foundation by purchasing a hexagon, and become part of an international community for peace, sustainability and charity. Important social institutions on the island of Bali will be supported by visitors of the Flower of Life.


Ducatus Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based digital currency company whose mission is to share its business success with disadvantaged people. You can actively help make this possible. By registering with this link, not only can you personally benefit from the success of the company, you also directly support social projects as an Ambassador.

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Regular information events are held by our project partners, who support the implementation of social projects. Benefit from this information and support social projects. We will inform you about current dates and the objectives of the respective events.

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