Highlight from 20 years of social engagement

Projects in 2012 & 2011


Licht ins Dunkel (“Light into the Darkness”)

On 24 December, Mario Hintermayer was on the donation phone for Licht ins Dunkel already for the 12th time, thus diligently supporting the campaign in collecting donations.


Cycling marathon for a good cause

In the ORF regional studio Carinthia, the extreme athlete sat down on an ergometer and earned a donation sum of € 2,600 for the Licht ins Dunkel campaign, with the aid of the listeners. Ulrich Mattersberger conquered the “Ötztal Marathon”, with 238 km and the height of 5,500 m, in 7 hours and 40 minutes. Thanks to the company vita-life®, he was able to donate further € 3,000 for the Licht ins Dunkel campaign with his 50,000 kilometres per year on the ergometer. In total, Mattersberger earned the sum of € 5,600 by cycling. The main prize, a 2-day stay in a thermal bath for 2 persons, in the well hotel Bad Waltersdorf, went to Klagenfurt.


Christmas in the Seebach Integration Centre

The Seebach Integration Centre also saw Father Christmas coming by, with a large bag of presents. Therapy devices and musical instruments, important for group therapy, have been purchased since 2004. In 2012, the children and young people were again surprised with personal presents, handed to them by vita-life director Ingrid Brandstötter, her daughter Verena and her grandchild Hermine in person.


Obituary Alexander Sizonenko

Alexander Sizonenko, supported by the vita-life Foundation over many years, also affectionately nicknamed “Big Alex”, died on 5 January 2012, at the age of 52, in a hospital in St. Petersburg.