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Together with our partners, we offer you the opportunity to support valuable projects by purchasing products or services.

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“Every person bears social responsibility, especially those who are better off than others.”
We at Ducatus live up to this responsibility. The corporation, the shareholders and all active business partners will make their contributions.

You will support the projects by signing up as a Ducatus Charity Ambassador with this link and investing a minimum of € 80. In addition, you are an active ambassador of Ducatus, and as an owner of “Ducats” you share in the success of the company. By sharing your link, you support your own success and the work of the Ducatus Charity.

Information about Ducatus Digital

Cryptography is the science of encrypting information. Crypto money differs from physical money of central banks in that it is virtual: it appears in the form of digital coins. The most famous crypto currency is the Bitcoin.
Advantages of crypto currency in contrast to conventional currency:

- lower influence of politics, banks and the economy
- counterfeit-proof
- placed in previously fixed quantities.

The new generation of digital currency

Ducat is the term for a gold coin, which was widely used in Europe for centuries. They are still used today as an investment or as a gift.

The end product is the DUCATUS, a revival of the gold coin used in the Roman Empire.

The focus of this "real" digital currency is to offer new standards in everyday payment usability and transaction speed.

Number of Ambassadors:

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Other Products

Subject to availability, we present a selection of other products whose selling prices support social projects.

Tree of Life

Flower of Life

To achieve a harmonious energy balance (footprint), every person should plant 150 trees in his or her lifetime. For a donation of € 50 or more, we will plant your personal tree of life in the Garden of Life on Bali. In this way you support important social projects.

Become a part of the world's biggest Flower of Life and purchase your own hexagon starting at € 250.
Family fields with up to 5 names are available at € 500, group and company fields at € 1,000.
In this way you support important social projects.

SANAFUTURA - For a healthy future

We live in a rapidly evolving world, and the pressure to perform at work is constantly growing together with the physical and mental loads due to stress, radiation and poor nutrition. Our body is lacking fundamental energies. With "Vitamins F & P“ and the right VITALFELD it is possible to restore body balance in a few weeks.

CHANGE365 – Optimize your Life

Institute for Qi Optimization

Life coach Dietmar Grössing uses his gift to help people and optimize their life situations. To this end, he has developed a 365-day online training program. Experience the best speakers, trainers, entrepreneurs and coaches every day, and use this inspiration to achieve what you have always wanted.

Discover the new dimension of energetics and learn how, as an energy therapist, therapist, alternative practitioner or masseur, you can use cell regeneration and cell activation to optimize the therapy success of your clients while keeping your own energy level high.